I’m Melissa. Coruñesa, based in Rome since a few years ago, all shapes and colors communication student, full-time worker, traveler of the close places and liver of present, past and future moments.

My blog was born in 2012 as a personal project. Fueled by my need for inner growth and professional development, it combines my main passions; fashion, photography and languages. Like Rome, where not only the monuments but also the corners make me fall in love with them, fashion is sometimes objectively beautiful and other times beauty is simply the result of my view. This blog reflects that vision, as small or as large as you see it.

It is home for my freedom of expression and for the expression of my freedom.

Melissa V.

For further info, please visit www.melissavarela.com

Photos: Gabriele Sedda / JCriss Fotógrafo (www.jcriss.com)


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