If it was not completely clear, I insist, my economy is not at its best and I suffer this problem when deciding what to wear. Such a normal event as it is to buy a 30€ pair of jeans is for me, nowadays, a dream. Solution/placebo? Flee markets. They are in every city and, if you look among mountains of stuff, you may find decent garments under 5€. Even if I am one of those who think that if you make an outfit using just with second hand clothes the result may be awful and you may seem a character of an 80’s film, sometimes the product of that combination is not so horrible. Here we have, actually, (excluding the shoes and the belt) a total market look.

Since the beginning I fell in love with the shorts, even if their cut doesn’t fit so good (at least to me because of my large hips). That’s why I decided to combine them with a tight sweater, specifically a black velvet one, that lightens the volume on the top. The bag, also a flee market acquisition, is made of leather and you can use it with or without its chain.

Although the summer seem to have arrived to Rome, the truth is the evening it gets colder and the use of tights becomes essential. Just a black coat to keep me warm and ready to go!

What do you say?

Top: Vintage // Shorts: Vintage // Belt: Zara // Shoes: Zara // Bag: Vintage

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