First contact. An explanation is mandatory.

My blog was born because of my need of telling the world (I mean, four men and a dog that will read it) my fashionable ideas. My great ideas that many times make me buy strange stuff and going out home dressed in quite bizzarre ways (just sometimes), but ideas that never stop appearing and making me have lots of fun.

My budget uses to be low, so I try to get the look by shopping in flea markets and third sales of Inditex and H&M. But yes, once in a blue moon I make the exception and buy something expensive (no more than 50€ anyway). That’s life guys, we are in crisis. I’m not gonna tell you that I wouldn’t love to have loads of things that I don’t have, but for now I just can reinvent them my way in a cheap imitation.

You’ll see my style can change from one day to another because I like (almost) everything but, basically, I move between the total comfortable look (no accessories or nice stuff) and the bizzarre mix that creates rare looks. Let’s say, anyway, that I’m quite classic, even too much many times. I’ll try to keep my style calm and to do easy looking outfits using my wardrobe resources.

To begin, assembling all the adjectives, here it is a bizarre look, very comfortable and made of absolutely classic clothes.

Sweater: Vintage // Shorts: Levi’s // Boots: Vintage

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